Edwards, CH. 2012. Lumbar Cartography, Plastic layers of fabric, cotton shirt, 40cm x 30cm.


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The Japanese word MA can be translated as "gap", "space", "pause" or "the space between two structural parts.
The spatial concept is experienced progressively through intervals of spatial designation.

MA is more than simply void: it is a rich space that possesses incalculable energy.

- Years of Japanese Fashion.

The research project was divided into two sections. The first section concentrated on the phenomenon
of people’s waists, hips and their bellies – from the viewpoints of fashion, photography, religion, code,
experience, behavior and health. The project involved interviews with three people to explore how much value
they attached to their physical experience, their clothes and its fabric. (See Page 7-9: Interview
with Woman, Police Officer, Male Medical Student and Denim Sales Woman).

The second part of this project challenged us to recall our earliest memory of our mothers’ fashion behavior.
The most distinct aspect I focused on was the way my mother puffed out her shirts and dresses. It was a way
to emphasize her waistline, but at the same time, she pulled the fabric away from her body to distract the
attention from her silhouette. This research project resulted as a cartographic photograph of to show
various lumbar behaviors.

Concept, photography, product design.